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1:1 coaching

"The journey of inner transformation begins for many people, just by getting the right kind of information, to know that this alternative exists."
Stanislav Grof 

Are you ready to find your purpose and finally get behind the steering-wheel of your own life?

Nonetheless, you notice that what you do is largely determined by external to-do lists that may no longer match your values? 

You know it's time for a new chapter but you also know that the available tools that got you here, will not get you to your next destination? 

Believe me, I know how you feel.


My coaching work is for women who want to live their female identity and learn to use their intuition as a source of creativity and transformation .

My methods focus on working with the inner cycles of women and the outer cycles of nature. The work with local medicinal plants and nature rituals serve as companions on your personal transformation journey of getting behind the steering wheel of your life and live it to the fullest.
I work with women who want to break new ground and help shape a new world - in a new, feminine way. 

You are right with me
if you…

want to work with your fears, doubts and feelings of guilt that prevent you from coming into your full power, taking the next step, and living your purpose

... want to get behind the steering wheel of your life and lead your life according to your personal values

... would like to learn how to work, lead and live in harmony with your female cycles, like menstruation, childbirth or menopause

… want to learn to use your body’s signals as a compass for realizing your life vision

... want to create a practice for your self-care and your long-term health for your female body

Would you like to work with me?

Then book your free info session on the seasons program here: 



Or send me your questions via the contact form:




Living in a world that permanently asks me to accelerate, if I want to be better, faster, stronger…I felt utterly overwhelmed and exhausted.

My default mode was pushing myself beyond my own limits and beyond my comfort zone.

Since my first session with Alissia I found out that instead of accelerating, what I did needed was to radically deaccelerate. 
Alissia introduced me to tools that helped me to understand my inner rhythms and carefully observe the wisdom of nature cycles.

In my work with Alissia, I am learning to regain autonomy and integrity about my creative output and commitments in sync with my body, psyche and natural rhythms.

In my life, I see better creative outputs, and more creative success, I am slowly not only befriending stillness and unproductive periods in my life but now understand that they are essential for thriving as a woman - in business and life.


Founder & Director, NATAL Colombia

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