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My workshop series for all gender identities in teams and organizations aim to create transparency about women's health needs in organizations, and support networks in companies that work towards the goal of empowering women and new norms through rituals and shared values to increase employer satisfaction, wellbeing and loyalty. The main topics include personal leadership, work-life balance, support and mentoring of women and topics relating to female identity and the decision for different life models.


The female timeline:

This workshop aims to create shared knowledge and understanding of what women need from the workplace to maintain healthy productivity . From there, concrete next steps are defined to create new awareness, transparency and team rituals to create that helps managers to retain and develop female employees over the long term across different phases of life and to ensure job satisfaction. The workshop also helps to uncover unconscious bias and “female guilt” , the feelings of guilt women have towards natural female realities such as To uncover and contribute to care work, menstrual problems, menopause or physical or mental illnesses

to create a better environment for the female workforce , and thus contribute to ensuring sustainable team productivity in the company. The assumption is that every woman and therefore every organization has different needs that can be uncovered, tested and implemented. The workshop will be held in person - and offered online and provides the foundation for a movement to create a better working environment for women, which can be expanded and implemented depending on the organization.



Cycle Awareness for better creativity and sustainable productivity at work

This workshop initiates dialogue on cycle awareness among team members with uteruses, and is based on fundamentals training and interactive group work to co-create new norms regarding working with the menstrual cycle on the job.



Set boundaries for more success and job satisfaction

“Can’t you just do it quickly?” a well-known sentence that quickly distracts you from your actual focus. In this workshop we work with the premise that only someone with a strong awareness of personal boundaries can achieve their goals and thus the goals of a team and company with integrity.

This workshop deals with the culture of healthy boundaries and participants will be empowered to reflect on their own boundaries, the boundaries of others and the general corporate culture in terms of boundaries and integrity.


“How can we maintain our female identity in a male-dominated world?”

“How can we work more reflectively and learn from others.”

“How can we support women in our organization?”

“How do we create more work-life balance?”


Shannon Chiarcos

Design Group Manager, General Motors


I was extremely touched and impressed by the sharing of other women and the common threads in our experiences. It was amazing to see women from all different backgrounds and stages in their careers share stories that were really impactful. I do feel like it allowed space for me to be very introspective about how my decisions and career path have been shaped and very cognizant of how those subconscious impacts are being communicated to the women in my life (both personal and at work).

I have actively tried since the workshop to take a more focused perspective on how I present and create space for female relationships and constructs around leadership. It surprised me how powerful the sense of belonging was, even though the event was virtual. I am eager to continue to experiment with my contribution to the effort on a grassroots level.

Daphne Zargar

Senior Manager, Amazon Smart Vehicles


Having gone through workshops with Alissia previously, I had a high expectation of learning new insights and tools I could use in both my personal and professional life. What I didn't expect and what was a fantastic additional outcome was learning more about my female coworkers and how their experiences have shaped their careers and interactions.

I feel that I learned more about the women I interact with and collaborate with within the half-day workshop than I had in the previous 5 years. I feel we collectively know better now how to support each other and move not only our careers but the organization forward in a more positive, thoughtful and sustainable way.

Pilar Cendales

Founder & Director, NATAL Columbia


It was absolutely incredible to hear so many situations and stories from each woman. Alissia did an awesome job facilitating. I had a hard time opening up in our groups at first, but it felt so liberating to share those situations with the other women because those situations have made me who I am today.

I am hopeful that I'll be able to help other women in the future because we always feel like we need to put a wall or a guard up especially when it comes to the workplace; but in reality, we shouldn't be afraid to let those down to shine our true selves through.


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