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Cycle Positivity

New Norms for Female Health in the Workplace

How do companies deal with the natural realities of women's lives?

We want to further develop the discourse around equal pay and women's quotas, towards better working conditions for women and healthier working environments.


Cycle Positivity is a program aimed at raising awareness of female health in the workplace. In many companies, important aspects of female health, such as menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth and menopause, are often overlooked or tabooed. Our goal is increase awareness for female health and female realities at the workplace through targeted leadership trainings and platforms for open dialogue to create ideal conditions for diverse teams and better products.



We create networks within companies with an open dialogue on the topic of women's health in the workplace . Platforms of open communication uncover the root issues of women leaving the workplace that go beyond the discourse about equal pay, equality and female quotas. 

Exploring the core topics:

Through anonymous and data-centered surveys and workshops, we identify the key issues and concerns of women within an organization. This enables us to develop targeted and tailor-made solutions.


Through training courses and discussion groups, we explain the physical and psychological aspects of menstruation through to menopause and train leaders and team members to approach these topics in a new way.

Empathy and understanding:

We create an environment where participants feel comfortable sharing their concerns and promote understanding and support from their colleagues and supervisors.

Creating real change:

We support companies in strategies to make women's health part of DEI programs and company policies.


Cycle Positivity?

Loyalty, productivity and well-being:

A workplace that considers the needs of all employees can reduce stress and increase overall wellbeing, satisfaction and loyalty.

Diversity and Inclusion:

An inclusive workplace attracts talent and promotes diversity. This in turn leads to more innovative solutions and a stronger corporate culture.

Sustainable changes:

By addressing female health issues and creating networks, companies can not only help in the here and now, but also shape the work culture for future generations.

Together we can make a difference and create a work environment in which the natural realities of women's lives are respected and valued. Become part of the Cycle Positivity movement and set an example for a better, fairer and healthier workplace.

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