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Female Shift



My mission is that women can be proud of their femininity and that natural female realities are no longer seen as a limitation in the working world of tomorrow.

Hello, I'm Alissia...

I help women find their full strength.


... is a consultant for long-term retention of women in companies and a naturopath specializing in women's health and craniosacral therapy with her own practice in Munich, Bogenhausen.

As a thought leader in the areas of technology and new work, Alissia looks back on a long list of pioneering projects in the introduction of digital innovations and cultural transformation projects in the German and US markets.

The qualified businesswoman with a focus on law managed the Munich location of the award-winning design and development studio, Vectorform , for around seven years. There she worked as Executive Director EMEA on pioneering projects in the areas of user experience design and development for mobile applications, gesture control, wearable and immersive technologies and in-vehicle applications for well-known automobile manufacturers and major German brands.

She then spent five years as co-founder of the consulting firm IQ Gemini, specializing in employee engagement in digital transformation, and worked on numerous culture transformation initiatives for large and medium-sized companies.

She has worked nationally and internationally as a speaker on topics relating to the role of people in the digitalized world of work, and co-founded the “Move to Think” program, a work approach that combines movement and thought processes in teams.

By founding "Cycle Positivity" after her two-year maternity leave, she is focusing on the role of women in organizations and the question of what new norms are needed to keep women in the world of work and in top positions and to prevent collective female burnout avoid.

In order to cover the topic of health in depth, she completed a four-semester, holistic training as a naturopath at the Center for Naturopathy and Osteopathy in Munich and separate training as a holistic birth preparer for couples and a craniosacral therapist , an osteopathic method for body psychotherapy .

She has been a state-recognized alternative practitioner since April 2023 and works with women on topics relating to women's health and personal development in her Munich practice.

In her consulting practice, she works with diversity & inclusion programs for companies that want to create a better working environment for women in their company with the aim of sustainably retaining women . Women in male-dominated areas, such as the technology industry, are among their areas of expertise. Microsoft Germany, the Munich municipal utilities, Deutsche Telekom, General Motors and many more. are among their customers.

With her expertise on the requirements of innovative corporate cultures, health and productivity coupled with a large toolbox of methods for creativity, collaboration and empathy, Alissia is now starting a feminism dialogue that focuses on the healthy development of women in the companies of the future.

My vision

My vision is to develop a platform for holistic women's health in order to strengthen and develop female creativity in all phases of a woman's life. My work aims to change common beliefs around the topic of female cycles as a limitation for women in the world of work.

The main topics of my work are: healthy menstruation, the desire to have children, self-determined birth, conscious motherhood and menopause.

I want to initiate a change that empowers women to experience women as strengths at every stage.

I look forward to you!

Would you like to ask me for a workshop for your company, as a speaker for your event or make an appointment in my women's health practice in Munich or online? Then please send me your request using the form and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I look forward to hearing from you!

Telephone: +49 (0) 176 239 504 53 / Email:

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