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As an experienced and established speaker, I offer inspiring keynotes and interactive formats for your event on the topics of new work, the new feminine movement and female shift unleashing the proven business potential of gender diversity.  


My unique interactive tools and methods actively engage participants - in person, online or in hybrid formats - and result in empowering and exciting experiences for audiences from 20 to 400+.

My Top Themes

A New Feminine Movement instead of female empowerment on steroids

A new narrative on female empowerment and  creativity.

New work needs strong roots

A call for the creation of corporate cultures based on the natural life and growth cycles of humans.

How we move forward, even if we think in circles

Why linear thought and action are obsolete models for the economy and life and how we create sustainable conditions with cyclical living.


The new intelligence: opportunities from artificial intelligence

  Microsoft partner conference


Democratization of innovation: 
What the digital transformation can learn from playgrounds 

  Handelsblatt GIGA Gipfel


New Leadership:
Why Design Thinking won't save us

  Mercedes meConvention

IAA, Frankfurt

How women can change the world

   IHK female entrepreneur day


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