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"Being successful the feminine way” 

9 h
LIVE Circle

with Alissia Quaintance

Being successful the feminine way: working and leading without giving up your female identity


Live a life where:

  • You embrace your female identity at work & life as a strength

  • You can be more YOU to do what YOU want

  • You become an example of supporting women in your network

The next 3 -week cycle begins on:

October 19th​, 2022

October 12​ 2022

Sign up for the waiting list for the online circle on the topic 
“Being successful in a feminine way”:

For women who want to strengthen their female identity at work and in their leadership style, create networks for real women's support, and do more of what truly fulfills them.

Thank you for your interest in my new program, which is the result of my years of work with groups in companies, research on change, new work and authenticity and particularly shaped by my own journey to perceive my own femininity as a source of inspiration and strength and to life.

In my “Being successful the feminine way” circle you will learn how to:

  • You can use your female identity as a strength in your job and in leadership

  • You can work with your cycle to be more creative and sustainably productive

  • You work more mindfully with your boundaries in order to achieve your goals better and to be fully in your integrity

  • You can work with other women to create new norms for women in your circle

And much more...

The program

What is part of the "Being successful the feminine way"
Circle curriculum

​ We will go through this together in three sessions: 

Session 1

My feminine timeline

Wednesday, October 19th, 2022 7pm - 10pm

A reflection, introspective into your image of female identity.

In this circle you will learn: 

  • How your own story influences how you show up in your work life 

  • What stories other participants bring with them and what you can learn from them to create more empathy and understanding for the reality of other women's lives

  • How you could introduce new norms and rituals to your work to shape a work environment better suited for women

Session 2

With cycle awareness to more success

Wednesday, October 26, 2022 7pm - 10pm

How do I work with my cycle as a source of inspiration, creativity and sustainable productivity.

In this circle you will learn: 


  • Why cycle awareness is a superpower 

  • How to build cycle awareness into your life

  • How other women in the circle deal with their cycle

Session 3

Setting Boundaries

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2022 7pm - 10pm

Knowing and demanding your own boundaries for a self-determined life. 

In this circle you will learn:


  • Why boundaries are essential for a self-determined life

  • What boundaries mean to you

  • How you can learn to set your boundaries

Alissia Quaintance profile pciture
your mentor

Alissia Quaintance is a consultant, speaker and coach on female creativity, sustainable productivity and the introduction of cyclical thinking in human-centric organizations of the future.

Circle Session Plan

Take part in the 3-session LIVE online circle.

Session 1

Your Female Timeline

Session 2

Cycle Awareness for

more success

Session 3

Set your boundaries

Sign up for the waitlist for October 2022 dates   for the   “Being successful the feminine way” live circle


149 euros (plus 19% VAT)

and the number of participants is 10 - 14


My goal is to help women in different life situations. If the above costs are not feasible for you, please contact me and briefly describe your situation. There is a contingent with reduced prices for you.

Pay it Forward

If you want to support women with low income, you can join the program with a contribution of 200 -  400 EUR (plus 19% VAT), and thus fill the pot for the reduced price participants. 

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