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Your great transformation

In this program, based on the rhythm of the seasons, I will accompany you individually over a 12-week period.


The program is for you if you:

  • want to learn how to be successful as a woman (!).

  • Strengthen your female identity and build inner strength & resilience

  • Would you like to learn to trust your intuition in order to find your life vision and gradually implement it


In tune
with the cycles


December  - February

  • Reflection on the past year

  • Creation of a vision for the coming year

  • Conscious use of the winter rest phase for the emergence of intentions for the new year


March - May

  • Transforming manifestation into action

  • Consolidation of the vision and the first steps towards implementation

  • Maturation of projects and ideas

  • Strengthening grit to realize your vision

Summer Strength

June - August

  • Reflection on which vision has manifested itself

  • Cutting of failed initiatives and projects

  • Preparation of the great harvest

The Big Harvest

September - November

  • Appreciation of successful projects

  • Shadow work

  • Preparation for the dark season

The program

The program includes: 

  • 12-week guided individual support

  • Seven 60-90 min coaching sessions via Zoom or in person

  • A three-hour live deep dive into an individually adapted focus topic

  • Continuous support via Whatsapp/Signal

  • BONUS: 1x nature ritual in Munich or ritual instructions online

  • BONUS: Additional documents and resources to strengthen your process

Would you like to work with me?

Then book your free info session on the seasons program here: 



Or send me your questions via the contact form:




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